Collin Ingram is producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Denver, Colorado. Collin attended McNally Smith College of Music on full scholarship for upright bass performance before realizing his heart was in production in his early 20’s. He’s produced and engineered records for Elway, Lowfaith, Sour Boy Bitter Girl, Harpoon the Whale, Marti and the Dads, Short Shorts and many more. Collin currently works as the head engineer at The Band Cave where he’s constantly in search of innovative approaches to rock, pop, and hip hop production.


Ben is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and staff engineer at The Band Cave. He attended The University of Colorado at Denver for three semesters before pursuing production & engineering independently. With six years of experience, in addition to having recorded & produced all his releases as part of indie rock act Corsicana, he’s also worked with Colorado artists such as Tyto Alba, Modern Leisure, Zembu, Sam Paul, & Sister Neapolitan, as well as Moscow-based author/performer Yevgeni Grishkovetz. Ben specializes in softer & more atmospheric styles, and loves marrying the electronic with the acoustic/analog whenever he can.


Mark Anderson is a drummer/multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and engineer living in Denver, CO. Mark spent his twenties touring internationally and recording with the acclaimed band Paper Bird, as well as starting his career as a record producer. He has recorded and collaborated with Nathaniel Rateliff, John Oates, Kevin Morby  and members of The Lumineers, The Fray, Beach House, Foxygen, Gregory Alan Isakov, Devotchka,  Alex Cameron and many more. He also loves his cat Hyggy, reading, sewing and movies.


Derek grew up steeped in punk culture, specifically with the likes of Fugazi and Thursday.  By the time he started college, he was deeply into the DIY punk scene in Colorado, booking countless shows and tours for friends and National bands, alike.  In the last couple of years, he has shifted my focus to audio engineering, with an emphasis on capturing the “raw” energy of bands and a “do-it-together” attitude.  His largest audio influences are producers such as Jack Shirley of The Atomic Garden Recording Studios (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta) and Jay Maas (Defeater, Title Fight).