Gleemer - Down Through album cover

Down Through – Gleemer

April 17, 2020
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“I’m alive and thats all.” I’m not exactly sure the context that singer Corey Coffman is singing about in Gleemer’s “Down Through”, but I definitely felt this sentiment. Expertly recorded by Will Yip (Title Fight, Say Anything, Circa Survive), the track has an airy-quality throughout, whether that be the reverb that swirls around Corey’s softly sung melodies, or the crispness of the snare drum. There’s longing in both the words being sung and the chords chosen, with Corey perhaps reflecting on the loss of another. While there’s plenty of room to breathe in the indie-laden verses, the chorus and bridge come crashing in with fuzzed-out guitars and an added bit of emotion. For fans of indie rock, emo and shoegaze, be sure to pre-order Down Through from Other People Records which is set to release

5/6/2020. -Derek