Good Intention Blues – Modern Leisure

May 1, 2020

Modern Leisure’s newest single “Good Intention Blues” is an effortlessly charming & sneakily affecting song that lies at the core of their upcoming EP. Clocking in at just over six minutes, the track’s instrumental is anchored to a metronomic rhythm section (tracked here at the Band Cave with Mark Anderson), leaving the lyrics & melodies ample room to breathe. Banker’s lyrics focus on the dynamic of a dying relationship and the general feelings surrounding it. While not outright humorous, Banker’s witty tendencies are present on the track, with sing-along moments like the chorus’ “do do do”s as playful as they are loaded with the weight & honesty of the words that precede them. The careful arrangement of the keys & guitars rides the perfect line between nostalgic, optimistic, and downcast, with the overall sound evoking some of the best parts of Julia Jacklin and Father John Misty. There are some hints of dream pop in the lead guitar, but the track as a whole stays fairly warm and grounded, in part due to mixing being handled by Anderson. If you’re searching for something you can sway to, something you can belt at the top of your lungs with the windows down, but maybe also something a bit more introspective to soundtrack the tail end of spring, look no further than Good Intention Blues by Modern Leisure. -Ben